A Deeper Dig into Laser Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a key concern that is faced by both men and women and it is always attended by lots of physical and emotional distress. There are as well a number of the hair loss condition and as well a number of the varied treatments available for the same. Laser hair therapy just happens to be one of the methods available for the treatment of the hair thinning condition. The Laser Hair Treatments, which are as well known as the Low Level Laser Treatment, LLLT, is actually one of the treatments for thinning hair which has come under fierce and thorough investigations ever since it came to be as propagated by the specialists. Much has been seen in a debate over the facts of the success of the LLLT for the treatment of balding as a condition. A doctor’s advice and opinion will be quite essential for you t seek before you finally choose to go for the treatment of your thinning hair through the LLLT.

The history and the emergence of the treatment, actually replicates what is always the case with many of the major breakthroughs in the medical world and it was all but a matter of accident. One researcher known by the name Andre Mester was of the theory that exposure to the cold laser light, similar to the rays present in the UV light received from the sun rays may cause cancer. In his progress to test the theory, Andre Mester shaved some mice and placed them exposed to the cold laser light and as necessary he left some of them unexposed to be part of his control group. What surprised him was the realization that the laser rays to which he exposed the mice never caused any cancer threat to the mice. The fact of the whole research which made this be like an accident in the findings was the fact that instead the researcher came to realize that the mice who were exposed to the laser light had their fur growing much more faster as compared to the growth that was there for the ones who were left under the control group. This discovery later came to be named as photo-biostimualtion as was given by the researcher behind it, Andre Mester. It is simply in the theory that the laser light stimulates the hair cells into an accelerated rate of growth.

The present day laser treatment in essence involves the low level laser rays which are directed at the scalp using a special mechanical device in order to get the red blood cells of the scalp as well stimulated. It has actually been established to be one of the most effective ways to help deal with the problems so common of thinning hair which you can get to trust.

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