Why End Day Light Saving Time

Why does daylight saving time or DST persist up to this moment and why is it even started in the first place? Random people are ask the same questions mentioned earlier and most of them answer that it is to help the farmers and the other one is due to the first or second world war..Believe it or not, many farmers don’t agree with this daylight saving time approach. People are actually divided in the idea of DST for others they like it while other don’t but most farmers propose a petition to abolish this DST. A number of farmers have their own scheduled time in waking up now just imagine the hassle they will have to undergo just to sell crops to clients who are following the daylight saving time.

This daylight saving time actually began during the First World War since the government during this time wanted to reduce the usage of fuel and artificial lights. Although many states are following daylight saving time, this was only followed once again after the World War II.

Everyone knows that World War II is already a historic event in the world. With that being said, why is it that the government still observes daylight saving time?

Well, when a certain act was passed the alternating use of daylight saving time and standard time was implemented in different states. Debates regarding this topic in the congress is inevitable and so changes are keep in happening. As a matter of fact, there was even a time wherein daylight saving time was not implemented in summer and spring but rather whole year round. Before, the mark of DST is at 2 AM during the first Sunday of April and it ends at 2 AM on the last Sunday of October. But of course when 20th century came this was again change. Nowadays, the DST is observed for approximately 8 months unlike before, this usually begins during the second Sunday of March and ends during the first Sunday of November.

Many historic things can be attributed to the roots of daylight saving time.

Over time many people try to support the idea of daylight saving time with a more relevant type of reasoning even if the real reasons in implementing it is different.

The first reason they propose is safety. Others believe that road accidents is attributed to the time of the day and so if there is more daylight at the entire day then probably less accidents will occur. Is this really what’s happening?

Many people might support this but there were actually no firm grounds in believing it since when the daylight saving time was enacted for the entire year more school bus accidents happened during that time.

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